New Year's Eve Party: Headliners on NYE

New Year’s Eve Party: Headliners on NYE

Headliners on NYE

Northerlies is thrilled to announce the headliners on NYE! Yes, let’s get back to dance on live music!

Zed Charles

The Legendary Zed Charles is the first headliner on NYE. Zed will kick off the night at 6 pm. A three-hour-long legendary session of rock, reggae, and anything in between will sound through Northerlies.

Zed Charles is known as one of the “hottest guitar slingers” on the Australian music scene today – yes ladies ;). Praise his deadly attractive combination of charm and experience in blues and rock.

Some might know Zed from the band The Royal Artillery. However, on the 31st of December, you’ll get to know Zed solo. And, yes, he rocks on his own as much as in the band!

Zed Charles

Zed Charles will rock the night away

The Milkshakes

The sweet and famous The Milkshakes are the second headliner on NYE. They will take over the party vibes from 9 pm until midnight.

These two best mates from Bellingen high school started getting their tunes together on a surf trip in Western Australia. The beach and surf vibes sparkle over in their sound. The result is a unique musical cocktail that makes you dance 2020 away!

Think trumpets, guitars, loops, synths, and pedals on top of their “flight of the conchorde” esque tunes. Mix all of it together and you get their big delicious and lactose enriched thirst-quenching sounds. Milkshakes!

To top it off, they added sparkles of the 90s like Justin Timberlake, Kelis, Outkast, Jack Jonson, and even The Spice Girls.

Or as the boys say: “The Milkshakes really love bringing all the boys to the yard, as long as the boys also include girls, and the yard is the pub or a festival near you.”

In this case: Northerlies on NYE!

Now you know the headliners on NYE, make sure you buy your ticket online. For only $25 watching two kick-ass bands, you cannot start the New Year on a better note!

The Milkshakes

The Milkshakes will take you in no time into partymood.

NYE Bands

The Milkshakes & Zed Charles are the headliners of NYE.